What is XResolver and How it Works

xResolver is an online platform that is designed to help the gamer community in finding and sharing their IP addresses. Online gaming has become much more complex with approximately 3.09 billion active video gamers around the globe. It has made accessing fellow gamers’ geolocations and IP addresses a lot easier.

xResolver has made this even easier with the services it provides. It provides several services that are helping gamers around the world game safely. In this blog, we will understand what this platform is and how it works. In the end, we will provide a list of alternative platforms that you can use instead of xResolver.

What is xResolver?

xResolver is a web-based platform that assists gamers in securing their IP addresses by protecting their Gamertags. It can also be used to find other gamers’ IP addresses as well as geolocations.

What is xResolver

Each gamer’s computer network has a specific IP address. When they play games online with other people, this address is shared with the game and gaming platform servers. Now, if someone gets harassed by another gamer online, they can use xResolver to find out the IP address of that user with its geolocations.

In this way, they can block out them to play safely. Similarly, if someone wants to secure their address, they can blacklist themselves from this service and make sure nobody finds out their IP or geolocation.

How Does xResolver Work?

The exact functioning mechanism of xResolver is not officially known. That is because its developers have not given much information about themselves. However, the basic working of this platform consists of 3 basic steps.

Step 1 – Data Collection:

xResolver collects a large amount of data from different resources. These resources can be different according to the data type. But usually, it is collected in the following ways:

  • Collecting data from public sources: This platform can collect data from different public sources such as social media profiles of gamers, gaming forums, gaming communities, etc.
  • Collecting data directly from servers: This website has the capability of requesting user data from different gaming servers directly.
  • Collecting data submitted by users: Some of the is collected directly from users. the users of this website can submit their information here such as gamer tags, IP addresses, etc.

Step 2 – Processing the Collected Data:

Once the data has been collected from different sources, the platform applies different protocols to process it. It processes the collected data in the following ways:

  • First of all, it gathers all the information in its central database. It is then linked to the corresponding gamer tags and IPs.
  • The site uses different geolocation services to figure out the geolocation of different users according to the data it has.
  • Gamer profiles and IPs are assigned risk scores by assessing different factors such as reported DDoS activity, online behavior, etc.

Step 3 – Outputting Data According to the Service:

After processing the data, the website provides outputs according to different services. Users can use any service to know their required information. The major services that people use of this site are:

  • IP Address Lookup
  • Protecting IP Address
  • Scanning Networks

It’s important to discuss these services in detail to find out how this website is helpful to the online gaming community.

The Services of xResolver:

The online gaming community uses this website for the following major services:

1.      IP Address Identification:

A major service that people use on this website is IP address identification. This service is basically used to find out the IP of a specific online gamer. Users can simply enter a gamertag and know their IP address.

2.      Locating Geolocation:

Just like people identify the IP address of a gamer on this site, they can also use it to locate a user’s geolocation. This feature can be used in two ways. If someone is harassing you in the game, you can identify their geolocation to make sure you don’t add people from that region again.

Similarly, if you played a good game with a user, you can find out their location to add more players from there.

3.      Protecting Your Gamertag:

Just like you can find out other people’s information with the help of this website, your information is exposed also. To prevent people from knowing your IP address or geolocation, you can blacklist your gamertag from the server for protection purposes.

So, these are some major services people use of this website. Now, we are going to discuss some alternatives of this website that you can try out using.

Alternative Platforms of xResolver:

Below is a list of some of the best alternative platforms of xResolver that you can consider using:

1.      Octosniff:


Octosniff is a very useful website for people struggling with connection problems while gaming. Online gaming requires a stable connection with the server in order to improve the overall experience. However, there are many factors that can prevent that from happening. In that case, you can use Octosniff to make sure your connection is fully optimized while you enjoy online gaming.

This website also provides many other useful features such as installation guidelines, customer support, etc.

2.     Xboxonebooter:

The second alternative on our list is the Xboxonebooter. The website mainly helps people to pull IP addresses. This service is used for the reason already discussed in the article below. This includes finding IP addresses to prevent DDoS attacks along with searching for new people to add to your gaming community.


You can also prevent yourself from cyber harassment by using the IP logger service of this website. So, if you want to quickly sniff and grab the IP addresses of online gamers, this website can be the right choice for you.

3.     Lancremasteredpcps:

Another useful alternative that provides similar services to xResolver is Lancremasteredpcps. The services this website provides are used for online gaming protection basically.


The major services that this site provides include IP address lookup and identifying the geolocation of other players. Besides that, you can also resolve gamertags and PSN (PlayStation Network) to Ips. All these services can be used to ensure safe online gaming on different gaming platforms.


xResolver is a very useful website for online gamers. The basic functionality of this site is very simple. It collects data from different sources and provides required outputs after applying different protocols to it. The main reason why people use the site is for locating IP addresses, geolocation, and preventing their gamertags. The details of the site’s alternative platforms are given above.


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