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What is JCP Kiosk how Does it Work for Employees?

JCP Kiosk is an online portal that is designed to help JCPenny employees do their daily tasks with maximum convenience.

JCPenny is a thriving business. The convenience of their employees is their priority. To help them manage their work and time efficiently, JCPenny has developed the JCP Kiosk. If you are an employee of JCP and want to know how this online kiosk works, you’re at the right place.

In this blog, we will discuss what this portal actually is and how it operates. Let’s start.

JCP Kiosk Overview

JCP Kiosk is an online platform that the employees of JCPenny use to manage their schedules easily. It provides a lot of useful features. All of these features focus on streamlining the employee work. For example, let’s say you are an employee of JCP. You are out of town and want to know the timing of your upcoming shift. 

What do you do?

Remind yourself of the whole weekly schedule. Pretty much not. 

It’s really difficult to memorize the whole schedule. Instead what you do is open the JCPenny Kiosk and check out the information about your upcoming shift. Pretty easy, right? 

This portal has been helping all the employees of JCPenny do their jobs without facing any inconvenience. So, how does this portal actually work? Let’s find out.

How Does JCP Kiosk Work?

JCP Kiosk works by separating each employee’s information and showing it all in a well-organized manner. Each JCP employee has a unique ID. This ID contains all the information about their schedules, duties, etc.

So, when you enter the ID in the portal, you get to see all this information in an organized form. Here, you can check out your required information and keep on working smoothly.

How an Account is Created on the JCP Kiosk?

Creating an account on the JCP Kiosk is very easy. However, you are going to need the help of your superiors in this case. Here’s what you will have to do.

1.      Do the Paperwork:

As an employee of JCP, you fill in some paperwork when you onboard the organization. This paperwork may include terms and conditions. This also may include your personal information such as name and email address.

The company will use this information to set up a unique Kiosk ID for you.

2.      Get Your Credentials:

Once the ID has been created, receive the login credentials from the administration. Now, your Kiosk account is created.

Well, how do you log in to Kiosk, now? Let’s see.

How to Log Into JCP Kiosk?

In order to log in to JCP Kiosk, you have to do a few simple things.

1.      Go to the Website:

First of all, you have to go to the JCP Associates website. Simply open a browser on your phone or computer and input this URL (

This will take you to the homepage of the JCP Associates website.

2.      Open the Login Portal:

Once you are on this website, open the JCP Kiosk login portal from here. You have to click on the “Associates Kiosk@home” option for that.

3.      Provide Credentials and Login:

Clicking on this option will open the login page. Here, you have to input the username and password you were given into the designated areas.

Click on the “login” button and you will get successfully logged into the JCP Kiosk.

What to do if you Forget the JCP Kiosk Password?

The portal provides you with two different options that you can use to reset your password. You can choose the following option that suits your condition well and reset your password.

Now, let’s get on to discussing the major benefits of this portal.

What Benefits Does JCP Kiosk Offer?

JCP Kiosk provides the following benefits:

1.      Smoothly manage your schedules:

You can smoothly manage all your schedules with this portal. It keeps the details of all the schedules. You can use these details to manage your time according to your duty shifts.

2.      It can save time:

Using the Kiosk portal can save you time. You won’t have to wait in the administration office to know the details of your shifts. Simply log in to your portal and get it from anywhere you want.

Besides this, the portal is available to you at any time of the day. Remember the example we discussed earlier in the blog? It clearly explains how you can access the details about your work any time you want with this portal.

3.      It improves communication:

This portal helps improve communication between employees. They can contact each other and share ideas about work at any time. This thing is beneficial in the JCPenny stores that are very big. In such stores, employees do not get to communicate with each other very often. So, instead, they can use this portal to do so.

4.      It increases the productivity of employees:

Last but not least, this portal helps employees increase their productivity. All 3 benefits we discussed above explain how using this portal can help increase the overall productivity of work.


So, that’s all. JCP Kiosk is a very useful online portal that JCPenny employees use to streamline their work. It operates by keeping employee information in a well-managed way. Employees can log in to this account by using the JCP Associates website. All of these factors are discussed above in great detail. We have also discussed some of the benefits of using this online portal.


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