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Firetruck Game and How to Play It – Guidelines

One of the most trending TikTok videos is showing this trendy Firetruck Game that everyone is wondering about. It is not a digital game that you play on your phone or computer. Rather, it is a social interactivity game that you can play with your friends in a gathering.

If you are interested in knowing what Firetruck Game actually is and how you can play it, you’re at the right blog.

Here, we’re going to discuss the nature, the rules, and the method of playing this game. We will also discuss why this game is being targeted by many critics around the world as “Sexual Assault”. So, let’s start.

What Actually is Firetruck Game and How to Play it?

One of the many social interaction games that have become popular on TikTok is the Firetruck Game. This game gained popularity in recent years and many people are making content about this both on social media and blogging websites.

Firetruck Game

So, here’s what this game actually is.

Usually, two persons are involved in a Firetruck Game. They both agree to play the game and have to follow the rules.

Now, let’s discuss how to play this game.

How to Play the Firetruck Game?

Playing the Firetruck game is very easy. Here’s how the two people involved in the game are supposed to play it

One person is supposed to touch the other person on either their knee or thigh. They are going to go upward by keeping on touching them. Now, the other person is supposed to stay calm until they feel uncomfortable.

Once they feel uncomfortable enough to stop the person from going upward while touching them, they have to call the phrase “Red Light.”

Now, after saying this phrase, the other person has to stop.

But here’s why the game begins to get interesting (and controversial)

When the person being touched says “Red Light”, instead of stopping, the person that is touching goes, “Well, it is pretty clear that the firetrucks are in a hurry whenever they are on the road because they have to reach to a spot of emergency. So, the firetruck is not going to stop at the red light.”

After saying this, the person keeps on going upward by touching them even though the other person has stopped them because of feeling uncomfortable.

 So, this is what this Firetruck Game is all about and how it is played.

Now, let’s break down this trend and discuss why it is so controversial.

Why the Firetruck Game is Controversial?

The nature of the game pretty much explains its controversial nature itself. As we have discussed, the first party is not stopping even though the second party has clearly indicated that they are feeling uncomfortable (which can be considered as sexual abuse or molestation).

Now, one might start thinking that if the person being touched knows the rule, why they are being involved in the game? Well, it is a valid question but usually, the person that is touched does not know the rule.

It is a general thing that the people, for fun’s sake, tend to include one person who does not know the whole game. For example, the second person thinks that the first person will stop when they say “Red Light”.

Well, that’s not the actual case here. The first person does not stop by talking about the fact that firetrucks do not stop at red lights.

In this way, the first person keeps touching the second without their consent. This thing counts as sexual assault and harassment. A lot of people around the world have raised their voices against this social game and called it the new form of sexual harassment.

Should You Play the Firetruck Game?

The straightforward answer to this question is “NO”. You should stay away from any type of game that involves being intimate romantically or sexually without the consent of another person. This thing is more serious than just making the second person uncomfortable.

Physically touching a person without their consent is considered a serious crime in almost all parts of the world. So, if the person decides to press charges against you, good luck explaining to the court that it was just a TikTok trend you were trying out.

What are Some Firetruck Game Alternatives that You Can Play?

Any game that does not involve sexual interaction would be good for you and your friends to paly in a social gathering. However, some of the most interesting ones are discussed below:

  • Simple storytelling: You can simply share stories about different things in your life with each other.
  • Would You Rather?: “Would you rather?” is a fun game that you can try out playing with your friends. In this game, you give your friends two options and they have to choose one of them. For example, “Would you rather have tea or coffee in the morning?”
  • Two Truths and  A Lie: This game is also very fun to play. You have to tell 2 truths and a lie about yourself and the other person has to guess which one is the lie.
  • Card Games: One of the most simple yet interesting ideas is to just start playing different card games.

There are a lot of other social game ideas available that you can try out. Make sure to take an opinion from all the friends so that everybody enjoys the game.

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The Firetruck Game is a social game that has been trending on TikTok for a while now. In this game, one person touches the knee or the thigh of another person and keeps on going upwards. The other person can stop them by saying “Red Light” when they start feeling uncomfortable. However, the twist of the game says that the person does not stop and says “Firetrucks do not stop at a red light because they are headed towards emergencies.” After that, they keep on going upwards.

The game is very controversial and people are calling it sexual assault on the internet. We have discussed further details about this game in the information given above. Make sure to read it out and stay away from this game. We have provided some alternative options that you can try out instead.

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