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A Comprehensive Review about A Doxcy?


Doxcy is a free mobile application that is used to watch movies and TV series for free. It contains some convenient features that have made it popular among some cinephiles. Movie streaming sites have become popular in recent times and that’s only because of the convenience they provide their users. 

Doxcy is one of these apps. It provides its users with convenience and free content they can watch online for free. Besides convenience, there are some other worth-discussing features of this app. That’s what we are going to cover in this blog. Let’s begin.

What is Doxcy?

Doxcy is a free mobile application that allows you to watch movies and TV shows for totally free. It has a wide range of movies and TV shows stored in it that you can enjoy anytime you want to. All you’ve got to do is open the site, plug in your earphones, and start enjoying.

What is Doxcy?

The app has a pretty decent interface. Its red and black theme makes it look similar to Netflix. Besides the colored theme, the posters of movies and shows are also shown just like Netflix. Here, take a look at its homepage.

Looking pretty sleek, right? Now that you know what this app actually is and what it looks like, let’s take a look at what features it provides you with. Learning about its features will help you know more about this application.

What are the Features of Doxcy?

This application gives you access to several extremely helpful functions. Some of this app’s top features are listed below:

1.      Use-Friendly Interface:

The interface of Doxcy has to be its finest feature. Its designers took special care to make it resemble Netflix.

The user-friendly UI makes it simple to explore the many film and television program genres. There are several viewing options accessible as soon as you open the movie or television show you wish to watch. You may choose to watch it in high resolution or low definition using these choices. Those without reliable Internet connectivity will benefit from this feature.

2.      Customizability:

If you watch movies regularly online, especially foreign language movies, you know how important it is to be able to customize the subtitles settings. The app understands this and, hence, provides you the ability to customize these subtitles. Here’s how:

  • The application allows you to change the size of the subtitle’s fonts
  • The application allows you to change the color of the fonts
  • You can also easily change the background color of subtitles. This feature is helpful to read the subtitles more easily.

This helps people read the subtitles better while watching their favorite movies and TV series.

3.      Downloading Option Available:

Doxcy also allows you to download movies and shows to watch later. This feature is useful for people who don’t have a constant internet connection. They can download the movies and watch them later whenever they want to.

4.      Diverse Genres:

Doxcy application provides you with a diverse genre of movies and TV series you can choose from. You can find movies and shows related to almost every genre here. These genres include War, Crime, Thriller, Comedy, etc.

The app has categorized these genres so that you can easily find them. All you’ve got to do is browse the interface and find your favorite genre.

How to Download Doxcy?

If Doxcy has intrigued you with its features so far and you want to download it, allow us to provide you with two major methods to get.

How to Download Doxcy?

·         Download Doxcy Via Google Play Store:

The first method of downloading this application is Via Google Play Store. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Go to the Google Play Store app on your phone
  • Go to the search bar and enter the app’s name
  • Hit search and observe the search results
  • Install the app on your device.

That’s all you’ve got to do to download Doxcy on your device.

·         Downloading Doxcy in APK Mode:

The second method is a little indirect. It involves a third-party website for downloading this app. You have to download the app in APK mod from any website on the Internet. Search for the app’s name with the word ‘APK’ and open the site that looks fine to you. Download the APK file and install it on your device.

Drawbacks of Doxcy:

Well, not drawbacks actually. More like the things you don’t get in this app.

  • The application requires a paid version for HD content
  • You have to face ads in between navigating the interface
  • Not every movie or series you want to watch is available here. It only has specific stored movies and TV series that you get to watch and download.


Doxcy is a mobile application used to watch movies and TV shows online for free. You can download the app both through the Google Play Store and via APK mode. This application has a pretty decent user interface. It is almost as good as Netflix.

There are also some drawbacks to be considered before you use this app. The biggest one is the limited number of movies and shows. This means that not every movie you like is going to be here. The other things include ads and the availability of HD results only in premium version.


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