What is DeltaWifi and How it Works?

There was a time when you traveled via Airplane, and the air hostess requested you to keep your mobile phone or laptop on Airplane Mode in order to avoid any dangers.

But now, everything has changed drastically. Yet, on different flights, they have developed their own specific WIFI for the onboard attendants, so that they can stay connected with the world.

One such airline that has developed its own Internet service provider is Delta. They have named it DeltaWifi, which offers super-speed Internet with solid reliability.

If you are also thinking of using DeltaWifi, then you must read this blog first to get a better understanding of it.

Here, I’ll explore more about it, like how it works and what benefits it provides. So, read this blog till the end!

What is DeltaWifi?

DeltaWiFi is the in-flight internet service that Delta Air Lines offers. It aims to provide passengers with connectivity so they don’t get bored and stay connected with friends and family while they’re traveling. They have started this scheme to provide free WIFI to their travelers


How DeltaWifi different from another internet?

The main difference between DeltaWifi and other internet services depends on whether you’re referring to its onboard or ground availability:

Free vs. Paid:

DeltaWifi is special because it gives free Wi-Fi on more and more of its flights that use Viasat tech (mostly Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 family planes). This is different from most other airlines that usually make you pay for internet on the plane. But right now, only people who are part of Delta’s loyalty program can use it for free on some trips. They plan to make all other passengers able to do this by the end of 2024.

Viasat Wi-Fi Speed:

Viasat Wi-Fi is a tool used on airplanes. It’s faster than old satellite internet while flying in the sky. It makes looking at things, watching videos and even talking to people over video during the plane trip go more smoothly. It’s important to remember that even though airplane satellite internet is quicker than older options, it might not be as fast compared with ground fiber or cable connections.

Gate-to-Gate Access with DeltaWifi:

DeltaWifi is not like some other airplane Wi-Fi services because it works all the time, from when you first get on the plane until you leave. This allows you to join the Wi-Fi as soon as you get on the plane and stay connected till leaving, making it easy for things that need internet even when we’re still at ground level.

No Limitations on Paid Plan:

Some things like checking emails or using basic internet can be done for free. But it might not work well when you want to watch videos or do other big-data activities because there’s a limit on the bandwidth available. To use these limited features, people can buy its paid plan. These usually give more choices and fewer rules to follow.

How We Can Connect During Traveling DeltaWifi Requirements for Connection

Connecting to Delta Wi-Fi during your travels shouldn’t be too much hassle! Here’s what you need to know:

Wi-Fi Enabled Device:

This means your gadget needs to be able to join a wireless net. Most new gadgets like smartphones, laptops and tablets are made with Wi-Fi features ready. But it’s important to check if this feature is on your particular gadget.

Supported Operating System:

Delta’s Wi-Fi works on many systems like Android, Apple (iOS), Windows and even Blackberry. You need to check that your device is using a version of the operating system that works with Delta’s Wi-Fi service. It’s good to keep your operating system updated so there are no problems with other software.

Supported Browser:

To use Delta’s Wi-Fi, you have to use a browser that works with it. Apple’s Safari, Google Chrome and newer versions of Windows Explorer (8 or later) are all known as accepted browsers for using Delta Wi-Fi. Similarly, Firefox also works fine with the service. Make sure you have one of these browsers installed and changed to the newest version for smooth looking around.

Payment Plans:

Delta offers various Wi-Fi deals – Basic, Standard and First Class. These packages have different levels of entry and speed. The basic pack lets you use the internet and send messages, but the Standard pack gives more options like videos on demand or social media. First Class gives the fastest speed and biggest space for a top-notch internet experience. You can choose and pay for a plan either before or during your flight, based on what you want.

What’s the Procedure to Get DeltaWifi While Onboard?

  • Start your device’s Wi-Fi and look for networks that are ready to use.
  • Search for a network called “DeltaWifi” or “Delta-Guest”.
  • Connect to the chosen network.
  • If it’s your first time, you will be taken to a Delta Wi-Fi website.
  • You can look at the options you have, pick your favorite plan and pay (if needed) here.
  • Once complete, you should be connected and ready to browse!


In short, DeltaWifi is Delta Air Lines’ internet service on planes. It lets people stay connected while they travel. DeltaWifi is different from other companies because they offer free internet on certain trips that have Viasat technology. They plan to make it more available by the end of 2024. Its best parts are going faster than old airplane Wi-Fi, you can start and finish everywhere. It also has different choices of plans to pay for its use with basic looking stuff or fast streaming from good quality programs available. To use DeltaWifi, make sure your gadget can connect to Wi-Fi. Use a browser that works with it and pick a plan if you want one. This makes finding connections easy! This service makes the trip more fun, keeping people happy and linked.


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