Snapchat Planets Order System Features Detail

Snapchat+ keeps on introducing new features to its users all the time. One of these features is Snapchat Planets. It is a part of the Friends and Best Friends feature where users get to know their closest friends.   

It’s just another fun feature of Snapchat that has become trendy in recent times. However, there are still some people who are confused about it. If you are one of these people and want to know what is Snapchat Planets system and how it works, we’re going to help you with that.

What is Snapchat Planets?

Snapchat Planets work like our solar system. Within the Snapchat application, you are symbolized as the sun. There are 8 other planets around you that represent your friends.

So, here’s how it works. The closest friend to you on Snapchat is represented by the closest planet to the Sun in the solar system (Mercury).

Snapchat Planets Order System

This keeps on gradually changing similarly to the planets in the Solar System. For example, the friend that has the least messages and snaps with you will be represented by the planet Neptune.

So, this was a general overview of what Snapchat Planets is and how it works.

Now, we’re going to break down the order of the Snapchat Planets system.

Breaking Down the Snapchat Planets Order System:

Understanding the Snachat Planets system is very easy. You just have to understand the workings of our actual Solar System. In our Solar System, there are 8 planets that revolve around the Sun.

Snapchat Planets Order System

These planets revolve around the Sun at a specific distance.

In a similar way, your friends are displayed at a specific distance representing all these planets. Now, we’re going to discuss each planet one by one so that you can understand them better.

1.      Mercury:

The first friend you’re going to see in the system will be represented by the Mercury planet. As we know Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. This means that the friend that has the most interaction with you is represented by this planet in the order system.

In the app, it is a red planet and usually has red hearts around the avatar of your friend.

2.      Venus:

The second closest friend on your Snapchat is represented by the planet Venus in the Snapchat Planets system. The second closest planet to the Sun in the Solar System is Venus. So, the friend that has the second most interactions with you on Snapchat is represented by Venus in this system.

3.      Earth:

You may know the sequence already. So, the next planet in the Solar System is actually Earth. So, the person who comes 3rd in the list of most interactions with you on Snapchat will be represented by planet Earth.

A cool thing about this planet icon is that you can also see the moon within the picture.

4.      Mars:

Our neighbour planet in the Solar System is Mars which comes in number 4. So, ultimately, the user that comes at 4th number in regard to interactions will be represented by this planet.

It is a red planet and contains colorful hearts around the user.

5.      Jupiter:

Your 5th favorite friend in regard to messages and snap streaks is represented by Jupiter. That is because this is the 5th planet in the list of planets of the Solar System.

In the Snapchat system, this is represented by a red and orange planet which actually is Jupiter.

6.      Saturn:

Since you have got an idea of how this sequence works, we’re going to describe the remaining planets briefly. So, the Saturn planet comes at number 6 in the Solar System. So, the friend that is listed at number 6 will be represented by this one.

7.      Uranus:

The person you will see on the 7th number in your Snapchat Solar System will be Uranus. This planet is dedicated to your 7th favorite friend on Snapchat. This planet is somewhat of a greenish circle within the app.

8.      Neptune:

In the last, Neptune comes into our Solar System. In a similar way, the 8th most favorite friend on Snapchat will be represented by Neptune in the planet’s system.

How to Activate Snapchat Planets?

So, now we have comprehensively discussed the order of the Snapchat Planets system on Snapchat+, let’s discuss how you can activate it.

First of all, you have to subscribe to Snapchat Plus. You can subscribe to this version from within the application. Go to your profile in the app and look for the Plus option. After that, follow the instructions to purchase the Plus version.

Now that you have become a member of this premium version, it’s time to check out the Snapchat Planets system.

Checking the planet icon of your friend is very easy. First of all, go to the chats section of the app. Here, you can select any friend that you think has the most interactions with you. Open their chat and then their profile.

On their profile, you would be able to see what planet they are in the system. In a similar way, you can see the planet icons of other friends also.

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Snapchat Planets is a fun feature of the Plus version of Snapchat that people are enjoying these days. It has been evident in recent times how Snapchat keeps on providing different features for its premium subscribers.

This feature is also similar. However, many people are still confused about it. To assist these people in understanding how this feature works, we have broken it down in the information given above. We have also described how you can access this feature within the app.


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