Why You Should Use an IP Checker for Enhanced Online Security

Using an IP Checker can help you enhance your online security in several ways.  The world has become digitized and connected to each other more than ever these days. Almost every computer has access to other computers via the Internet.

Although this connectivity has helped people a lot it all came with a risk of security. There are many malware threats and viruses that can harm your device if you are connected to an unsafe source. In a similar way, there are also many people that can hack your device and harass you.

In this blog, we’re going to describe how checking your IP address with the help of an IP Checker can prevent you from all these threats. Let’s start.

What is an IP Checker?

An IP Checker is an online tool that helps you know your IP (Internet Protocol) address and other network information of your device. Each device that is connected to a network contains a specific address dedicated to the device.

This address works as an identity of the device within a network.

IP Checker tools are designed to fetch data from a device and show you different information about their network. This information includes their IP address, geolocation information, network type, etc.

You can use this information for various purposes including strengthening your network security. That’s what we are going to discuss further now.

Why You Should Use an IP Checker for Enhanced Security?

Some of the major reasons why you should use an IP Checker for enhanced security are discussed below:

General network troubleshooting:

The first reason why you should use an IP checking tool for security purposes is general network troubleshooting. Knowing your IP address can help you fix these general errors. The reason why you should do this is because an errored network is more prone to malware threats.

So, when you know your IP address, you can use it to troubleshoot errors and keep your system safe from these threats.

Detecting unknown devices:

Sometimes, an unknown device may access your network, and hunting it down can keep your data safe. One of the best ways to do so is by identifying their IP address. You can use the IP Checker tool for that.

It will also give you the geolocation of the device. This information can be used to take safety precautions about this type of network breach.

However, this benefit can only be enjoyed if you use a tool that can tell you the IP of another device without being on it. So, make sure to get yourself this type of tool so that you can keep your data and device safe.

Cheap solution:

Last but not least, you should use an IP Checker for enhanced security purposes because it is a cheap solution. Hiring an IT expert to track down IPs and taking security precautions can be costly.

Yes, hiring one can be beneficial after your security has been compromised. But until then, using these tools for keeping an eye on security threats is a good and cheap alternative.

So, these are some basic reasons why using these tools can be beneficial for security purposes. However, keep in mind that these tools can only provide information. Using this information to secure your network is up to you.

Best IP Checker Tools:

Now that we have discussed how using an IP Checker tool can be beneficial for enhancing network security, let’s discuss some best IP Checker tools available on the Internet.

1.      WhatIsMyIP:

The first tool on our list is WhatIsMyIp. It is a free tool that you can use to get information about your IP address. It is a very straightforward tool and provides you with authentic information. Here are some features of this tool:

  • Free to use
  • Accurate information
  • Tells you your private IP address
  • Tells you the location of your device

2.      IPSaya:

IPSaya is a free IP Checker tool that can provide you with authentic information about your device. It is a complete tool suite that contains different tools that you can use to get different network-related information such as IP tracker location.

The major features of this tool include:

  • Free to use
  • Contains other network-related tools
  • Tells you a comprehensive detail about the network such as browser type, network type, ISP AS number, etc.

3.      NordVPN’s IP Checker:

Last but not least, you can try out NordVPN’s IP Checker tool. It is a free tool that can be helpful in getting information about a network easily. What makes this tool even more special is that you can use it to get information about a specific IP address.


Using an IP Checker tool is a good way to enhance your network security. There are several reasons for that. These reasons include factors like general network troubleshooting, detecting unknown devices, etc. We have discussed these factors in detail in the information given above.


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