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How To Screenshot on Mac Guidelines

So, you’re interested in knowing how to screenshot on Mac? You’ve clicked on the right guide blog. This blog will cover different methods that you can use for this purpose.

Make sure to follow all the methods carefully. That is because missing out on any step will not bring the required output. So, without wasting any more of your time, let’s dive in.

How to Screenshot on Mac?

Taking screenshots on Mac is easy but requires a few steps to be followed. The only reason why people find it hard is the command keys involved in the process. Besides using these keys, there are other methods also available that you can try out.

So, here’s how to screenshot on Mac through different methods:

Take a Screenshot of the Whole Screen:

Yes, it is possible to capture your entire MacBook screen in one screenshot. Just a combination of a few keys is to be pressed in order to take the screenshot. You have to press these keys for that:

Shift + Command + 3

Hold for a while after pressing and the screenshot will be captured. Its thumbnail will appear on the bottom-right corner of the screen. Congratulations! You’ve captured the entire screen in one screenshot on your Mac. But what if you are using multiple screens? Well, it’s the beauty of this method. Pressing these keys will capture all the monitors.

Capturing Screenshots of Certain Sections of the Screen:

The Macs give you the freedom to capture certain sections of the screen. The keys you need to press for that are:

Shift + Command + 4

Doing this will change the shape of the mouse cursor. This means you are ready to capture the screen. Click and drag the mouse around it for indication.

This command also helps you perform different other functions. Here’s the details:

  • Capture Required Window: If you press the commands discussed above and hit the space bar, you can easily capture your required window.
  • Customizing the Capture Area: If you press and hold the shift key after identifying the area to be captured, this will provide you the liberty of customizing its height and width easily.

This is a pretty convenient way of capturing customized parts of the screen.

Take Screenshots by Using the Screenshot Menu:

The screenshot menu can also be used to capture the screen image on Macs. It is a very convenient way to capture whatever you want on your screen.

Here are the keys you need to press in order to open the screenshot menu:

Shift + Command + 5

Once you do so, you will see a menu at the bottom of the screen. This menu contains three icons. The 3 icons on the left side are designed to capture screenshots. It can either be full screen or a specific area.

However, the two other icons on the left are used for video recording.

You have to click on any icon among the right three icons to take a screenshot. The “option” feature can be used to control where the screenshot would be saved.

 Using the Grab Option to Capture Screenshot:

Grab is another screenshot-taking application that comes in some Macs. The Grab feature of Mac is considered a lot more efficient. It can be more powerful than the normal screenshot-taking menu. Don’t forget that it is a very difficult feature to use.

This feature can be found in the Utilities section of Mac. So, if you don’t want to use the normal screenshot app on Mac, trying out this one can be useful.

Using A Third-Party Application to Capture Screenshots:

Many third-party applications have been developed that can help you with capturing screenshots. You can them out for this purpose. Just make sure to use an authentic app.

Some examples of these applications include Scribe, Snagit, and Cleanshot X. All you need to do in order to start using these apps is download and install them. Once you have done this, you’ve gotten the full freedom of getting customized screenshots of on Mac.

These apps enable you to customize the screenshots fully.

Where to Find the Captured Screenshots?

Another thing that Mac users can get confused about is finding the captured screenshots. Well, there are different locations where your screenshots might be saved.

For example, the screenshots taken with the help of command keys can be found on the desktop.

If you use the Grab app, it will allow you to choose the location of your own preference. So, it will not be difficult for you to find that screenshot.

It’s the same case with the third-party applications. They usually allow you to select a specific location on Mac where the screenshots will be saved. If you still cannot find the screenshot, just go to the Finder and search for the word “screenshot”. It will show you all the files with this name. In this way, you can easily find your saved screenshot.

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It is pretty important to know how to screenshot on Mac for a MacBook user. They may need to capture the entire screen or a specific area of it. For such people, we have provided different methods of taking screenshots on Mac. These methods include both using built-in functions and third-party applications. You can read the details about them in the information given above. 


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