MyFlexbot: A Quick Guide to MyFlexbot App Login

MyFlexbot was a renowned application used by Amazon Flex drivers to automatically grab available delivery blocks. It made the block-grabbing process on Amazon Flex App a lot more convenient.

The app made it possible for a lot of Flex drivers to earn money by availing of the available delivery blocks before anyone else. This bot application is not officially available now. However, if you still want to know how it functioned and helped Amazon Flex drivers get delivery blocks, you’ve clicked on the right blog.

Here, we are going to dive deeper into the details about MyFlexbot. So, let’s begin.

What is MyFlexbot?

MyFlexbot was an automatic bot application many Amazon Flex drivers used to grab delivery blocks automatically. This application was designed to assist drivers in their day-to-day deliveries by automating most of the functionalities of the Amazon Flex App.

What is MyFlexbot

The users needed to install the app on their phones and integrate it with the official Amazon Flex App. The bot, then, controlled different functions so that the drivers didn’t have to perform them manually.

This automation helped drivers get delivery blocks quicker. This means that the user of this bot could grab these blocks quicker than anyone else. After accepting the block, they would simply deliver the packages and earn money easily.

The Functionality of MyFlexbot Application:

To understand the functionality of the MyFlexbot application better, we first have to understand how Flex drivers accept available deliveries known as “blocks”.

The Amazon Flex service is more like a freelance gig. You can work in your free hours as a delivery driver and earn money at the end of your shift. Some people work on this service in their free hours, some have made it their full-time career. This service is becoming popular since it provides a decent income. According to the official website of Amazon Flex, an average driver earns somewhere between $18 and $25 hourly.

As an Amazon Flex driver, you have to go through two major steps before delivering packages. These steps are discussed below:

1.      Using Amazon Flex App:

When the registered Flex drivers start their shifts, they have to use the Amazon Flex application. It is an official app developed by Amazon where drivers find available blocks. The availability of these blocks is random. There is not a definite time of block availability. That’s why, the drivers have to keep on checking for blocks manually from time to time.

2.      Accepting the Block:

Accepting the block is when things become critical. When a block appears on the screen, the driver has to quickly grab it by swiping and “accepting” it. They have to outrace other Flex drivers by accepting the block in a matter of seconds. Otherwise, someone else would grab it and they would lose the opportunity to earn money.

The blocks are usually limited. Since there are a lot of Flex drivers out there, grabbing a block isn’t easy. The random availability of blocks makes it even harder.

So, these are the major steps a Flex driver goes through while getting a block. That’s where the MyFlexbot comes in to save the day. You see, it is both difficult and frustrating to keep refreshing the Flex app to see the availability of a block. Grabbing them quickly before anyone else is even harder.

MyFlexbot automatically refreshes and accepts blocks so that the driver does not have to do it manually. Since it is software, it can grab those blocks quicker than any human being. In this way, the MyFlexbot is used to help many Flex drivers make sure they get their required block.

Well, it did more than accept blocks. The app contained various useful features that made the Amazon Flex driving job a lot easier for many people. Let’s take a look at some of these major features.

The Features of MyFlexbot:

Besides grabbing blocks automatically, MyFlexbot also provided some other useful features. These features are discussed below:

1.      Smooth User Interface:

The user interface of this application was very smooth. Users could easily integrate it with their Amazon Flex app. The login procedure, which we will discuss later in this blog, was also very smooth and convenient.

There was absolutely no confusion a user could face while using this bot for quickly grabbing delivery blocks.

2.      Alerting System:

Another useful feature that the bot application provided was the efficient alerting system. As an Amazon Flex driver, you have to be constantly aware of the available blocks. This becomes even more important when the app automatically accepts the blocks.

So, whenever an available block was accepted, the application would notify the driver. In this way, they could always stay alert of their next delivery schedules. This enhanced their productivity and they could work more efficiently.

3.      Filtration System:

It’s not like any available block could be accepted with the help of this application. You have to accept the blocks that are actually within your range and could earn you good profit. The filtration system of MyFlexbot helped drivers in doing so.

The drivers could easily set a filter on the app. In this way, they could decide where and when to accept the available blocks. This feature helped them only accept the blocks that were the most convenient for them.

4.      Clicking Speed Control:

MyFlexbot allowed you to control the clicking speed of the application. Amazon discourages using bots to grab blocks automatically. So, if your bot application keeps on clicking on the Flex application, your account will become suspicious. To avoid this from happening, this bot application allowed you to control the clicking speed.

In this way, you could set a certain click limit, let’s say 10 clicks per minute so that your account does not become suspicious. In this way, the users could easily accept blocks without worrying about account suspension.

5.      15-Day Free Trial:

You could get a 15-day free trial when you started using this application. This was one of the most useful features for the Flex drivers who were on a budget. Buying a bot application for automatically accepting blocks is somewhat of an investment. That is because it could increase your odds of getting more delivery blocks.

After the paid version ended, you would have to pay almost $50 per month for using this application. The users would happily pay this money so that they could keep getting benefitted by the features of this bot app.

So, these were some of the major features of this application. Now, let’s talk about how the users used to log in to this bot application.

How to Login MyFlexbot Application?

Logging in to MyFlexbot was a straightforward process. As a user of this application, you had to follow a few steps to get on to this app. The details of these steps are discussed below:

  • First of all, you had to download the application from the website or Google Play Store/App Store.
  • After downloading, you would have to open it and provide your login credentials.
  • This information was usually about your Flex driving profile and payment methods.
  • Once you have logged in to your profile, you can set it according to your requirements.

That’s all you need to do to log into your MyFlexbot application. After that, you could customize the settings according to your requirements to make the grabbing process convenient.

MyFlexbot Alternatives:

Although MyFlexbot has been officially shut down, there are some alternative platforms also available that you can use in its place. Their details are given below:

1.      FlexBelt:

The first alternative platform of MyFlexbot in our list is FlexBelt. It is a bot application that you can use to automatically grab blocks in your area.

Many Amazon Flex drivers are using this application to boost their chances of accepting block deliveries. It can provide you with useful features such as configurable block prices which will help you become a great Flex driver.

2.      MyFlexHelper:

MyFlexHelper is one of the most widely used Amazon Flex bots. This is a web-based service that helps you safely and quickly grab blocks. The site has an efficient alerting system. With the help of this system, users do not have to keep on checking for updates again and again. The bot will send a notification whenever a new block is available or accepted.


It gives you a 7-day free trial at your first sign-up. Besides this, you can enjoy other features such as customizable features, reserved mode, and fast refreshing rate (up to 100 times/second.)

3.      Flexomatic:

Another alternative platform that you can consider using in place of MyFlexbot is Flexomatic. It is an application-based service that you can use on your phone.


According to its official website, almost 50,000 drivers have used this application. The app also allows you to customize which type of block you would like to grab.

Ethical Consideration of Using Bots for Block Grabbing:

Whether or not should you use a bot for automatic block grabbing is a point of debate. Many flex drivers claim that they use it in order to get more opportunities to earn more money. Since the number of Amazon Flex drivers is a lot, getting delivery blocks without the help of a bot can be difficult.

However, the Amazon clearly discourages it. Using bots for automatic refreshing and accepting of blocks is considered unfair. They violate the terms and conditions of Amazon Flex. So, there’s always a risk of getting suspended if you use bots like MyFlexbot for automated block grabbing.

However, if you still think that using a bot is worth taking the risk, make sure to use good ones. That is because they are designed keeping in mind not to make your account suspicious. They click and refresh the app within limits so that Amazon does not find out you’re using a bot for block grabbing.

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MyFlexbot application was one of the most widely used bot apps for automatic block grabbing. Many Amazon Flex drivers used its services before it was officially shut down. It provided a bunch of useful features to the users. Their details are given above. The method its users use to log in to this application is also discussed.

We have also discussed some of the alternative apps and websites that you can use instead of this one. However, you have to be careful while using these bots. Otherwise, your account may get suspended.


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